Soul Heirs: Vintage Baubles and Curious Curious by Mary Elaine


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Taxco Sterling Boy and Girl Earrings

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Presented are a pair of married metal earrings depicting a boy and girl. These earrings are just the sweetest pair. They are for pierced ears with a stud and post located on the back of each head. They are marked TF-57, a current registry mark of Mexico that was used in 1980 on from the old eagle mark. The "T" stands for Taxco, the "F" stands for either the first or last name of the craftsman/company and the number, in this case "57" is the 57th person with an "F" name to register their trademark. Also marked Mexico and 925. I researched this registry mark however I did not uncover the maker and age. Other metals include copper and brass. As one can see from the photographs, Boy earring has copper for his hair and a brass bow tie. Girls has brass braids. Torsos are of sterling silver and arms and legs of brass. Boys arms and legs are crossed giving him character. Girl appears to have her hands on her hips. There heads are hollow balls with holes for eyes and slit smiles - it must be love. I must say, I had a hard time putting these up for sale as they really are just the sweetest earrings. Hats off to the designer, so simple but yet so whimsical. Earrings measure approximately 2 1/2" in height. Judging from the detail and quality of these earrings, I am sure they will increase in value. These earrings are fairly light in weight for size. In excellent condition.